Smart thermal barrier coatings for gas turbines

Materials World magazine
Southside Thermal Sciences (STS) Ltd, London, UK, plans to begin final trials of its 'smart' thermal barrier coating (TBC) for online non-destructive inspection of gas turbines used in power generation and aircraft. The coating works by embedding the ceramic surface with rare earth ions that have a phosphorescent response under excitation light and will reveal information about temperatures at the surface and subsurface of the coating, as well as erosion and changes of phase composition.

Metallurgy training at the Atomic Weapons Establishment

Materials World magazine
Due to a shortage in trained metallurgists, the Atomic Weapons Establishment in Reading, UK, is now recruiting personnel with qualifications in materials science, materials engineering and chemistry who will be trained through its in-house programme. New recruits will receive practical training that requires a fundamental understanding of basic metallurgical principles.

Uranium deal signed

Materials World magazine
Australia has signed a trade agreement with China for the supply of uranium, which offers the opportunity for the country to double its current export volumes. China is looking to import around 20,000 tonnes of uranium annually by 2015. A nuclear safeguards agreement was part of the deal.

Novel and conductive properties of new ceramic material

Materials World magazine
Researchers at the London Centre for Nanotechnology, UK, have been studying the properties of an unusual ceramic. The material is an oxide of manganese and has been found to conduct electricity only in certain directions, offering the potential for new designs for electronic devices.

New NGO for disaster waste management

Materials World magazine
An NGO to address disaster waste is being established by Martin Bjerregaard, a consultant at Golder Associates. The idea grew from his work in areas such as Banda Aceh, Pakistan and New Orleans. The group will work with local governments to ensure waste management is integrated from day one of the recovery process.