Natural ventilation in buildings based on termite mounds

Materials World magazine
A team of mechanical and civil engineers at Loughborough University, UK, hopes to construct buildings that can create comfortable living conditions by extending the use of renewable forms of energy, based on the chimney-style, passive, ventilation systems created by the species of termites, Macrotermes michaelseni found in Namibia.

Profiling a packaging designer

Materials World magazine
David Jackson is fulfilling his childhood ambition of becoming a designer and is determined to make his mark in the packaging industry. Rupal Mehta talks to the youngest member of the Institute's Packaging Board about his experiences in the world of print and packaging.

Review of the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive

Materials World magazine
The DTI has published its conclusions following a review of the implementation of the EU Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment Directive. The review involved consultations with key stakeholders, weighing up the concerns and needs of SMEs against those of larger organisations.

TechniTex Faraday helps the UK's technical textiles sector

Materials World magazine
As part of the series on the Materials Knowledge Transfer Network (KTN), Brian McCarthy, Director of the TechniTex Faraday, gives an overview of his organisation and its role within the network.

Desk-top electron microscopy

Materials World magazine
Bridging the gap between optical and electron microscopy, the TM-1000 tabletop microscope, from Hitachi High Technologies, features a 10x improvement in resolution and magnification range and a 100x improvement in depth of field compared to conventional optical microscopes.