Biomimetic coating for electric transmission

Materials World magazine
Researchers at Georgia Institute of Technology (GIT), USA, are developing a coating, based on the water repelling, microscale surface structures and nanoscale waxy protrusions of the lotus leaf. It is hoped that the technology may be used to help conserve energy in electric transmission systems, by creating a self-clean insulator surface to prevent leaking, currents, dry band arcing and flashover.

Silicate sieves absorb hexavalent chromium waste

Materials World magazine
Researchers at Universidad de Guanajuato, Mexico, have produced novel titanium-modified mesoporous silica compounds that are used in silicate sieves. These selectively absorb and desorb ions which could be used to remove the carcinogenic substance, hexavalent chromium, found in wastewater from tanneries, dye and pigment factories, and the electroplating industry.