Improved test method for intumescent steel coatings

Materials World magazine
International Fire Consultants Ltd’s 3D interpolation method offers an improved technique to determine the performance of intumescent coatings used for heat insulation on steel structures.

Fire-resistant ceramic polymer

Materials World magazine
Ceram Polymerik have commercialised a material that sheds its outer layer, changing from a polymer to a more fire-resistant ceramic with life saving potential. It is hoped the material which cromprises of a polymer matrix, minerals, inorganic fluxing components and functional additives, can be used in future passive fire protection products.

Powerful spectroscopic microscope examines atomic scale

Materials World magazine
Imperial College London, UK, has purchased the FEI Titan 80-300, one of the most powerful microscopes in the world. The monochromated microscope allows scientists to analyse materials on the atomic scale and enables spectroscopy with excellent energy resolution.

Smart Materials, Structures and Surfaces Network

Materials World magazine
SMART.mat (the Smart Materials, Structures and Surfaces Network) brings together a consortium comprising of the IOM3, QinetiQ and NAMTEC to increase awareness and take up of smart materials and technologies by UK businesses.

Controlled delamination materials technology separate packs electronically

Packaging Professional magazine
A new centre in Karlstad, Sweden showcases Controlled Delamination Materials (CDM) technology, a novel technique that enables two or more attached packs or parts of packages to be separated electronically with the flick of a switch. The process offers potential for easy opening of consumer products and new distribution systems.