Sustainable vehicle design and manufacture

Materials World magazine
Researchers at Loughborough University’s Centre for Sustainable Manufacturing and Re-use/Recycling Technologies (SMART) in the UK have completed a two-year study to address the cost and design implications of recovering and recycling vehicle materials and components. This is in light of the EU End of Life Directive which came into force in 2006, and requires vehicle manufacturing to meet targets for recovery and recycling.

Emulating the beetle’s water harvesting capabilities

Materials World magazine
Research into emulating the Stenocara beetle’s water harvesting capabilities is ongoing at MIT in the USA, in order to develop a material for potential applications harvesting water, open-air microfluidic channels and controlled drug release coatings. The wings on the beetle's back are patterned with superhydrophillic bumps on a waxy superhydrophobic background.

Bricks and aggregate made from fly ash

Clay Technology magazine
Researchers at the University of New South Wales' Australian Defence Force Academy have developed bricks and building aggregate that can be manufactured entirely from waste fly ash from coal-burning power plants. Potential markets include increasingly industrialised countries such as China and India.

BTEC award in lean construction

Clay Technology magazine
The Construction Lean Improvement Programme (CLIP) has launched a BTEC level 3 advanced award in lean construction. Trainees are expected to participate in a Masterclass for at least 15 days. The sessions include lean processes, lean relationships, leadership and communications, and teamwork and team leader training.