Siobhan Matthews - Chair of the IOM3s Younger Members Committee

Materials World magazine
The career of Siobhan Matthews, currently chair of the IOM3 Younger Members’ Committee is described. She is the director and co-founder of SCF Processing Ltd., which provides a materials processing technology transfer service using supercritical fluid and polymer processing technology to develop viable manufacturing processes.

Rough diamonds

Materials World magazine
Diamonds are associated with luxury but this image lies in stark contrast to that of African rebel armies who target artisanal diamond mines to fund prolong civil war by trading in the revered stones. Kevin D'Souza of Wardell Armstrong reports on the Diamond Development Initiative. It has been launched by governments, NGOs and industry to help with regulation and empowerment.

Reducing accidents with ‘Target Zero’

Materials World magazine
The Hard Target Initiative was adopted by the Quarries National Joint Advisory Committee to reduce injuries in the quarry industry by 50% from 2000-2005. The committee comprises members from the Health and Safety Executive, trade unions and professional bodies. A 46% decrease in accidents has been achieved within four years through a number of strategic actions.

REACH in the final stretch

Materials World magazine
The REACH Regulation received its first reading in the European Parliament in November 2005. Amendments to the draft were submitted by the metals industries, concerned about classification and labelling and the effects on international trade in minerals, ores, scrap and finished articles and on new material and product development.

Nod to nuclear power?

Materials World magazine
The pros and cons of a new nuclear programme in the UK are discussed with reference to alternative renewable technologies such as photovoltaics, conventional coal- and gas-fired stations and issues relating to nuclear waste disposal.