From Wearables to Concrete - Applications of Graphene and 2D materials

12 Nov 2019

From wearables to concrete: applications of graphene and 2D materials

Lecture by Ana I. S. Neves

Senior Lecturer in Materials Engineering

University of Exeter

After the 2010 Nobel Prize in Physics for the isolation of graphene, the “wonder material of the 21st century”, the research around this 2-dimensional material other materials of the same dimensionality has been immense. Their versatile physical properties along with the fact these materials are highly flexible and lightweight opens a myriad of applications, either as composites, coatings or standalone materials. Furthermore, with the development of new synthetic methods, these materials are now produced at a much larger scale and lower cost that when graphene was first discovered.

Here we present some results achieved in recent years in the fabrication and different applications of graphene and 2D materials at the Graphene Research Lab at the University of Exeter. Most of these applications rely on using graphene and functionalised graphene as a transparent conductor for flexible and wearable devices. We have demonstrated touch sensors, light-emitting devices, and sensors on plastic substrates and directly on textile fibres. These materials can also be explored to harvest energy from their users, for example

using triboelectric generators, and even to improve the properties of concrete.

Ana Neves has a background in Chemistry, with PhD awarded in 2013 by Instituto Superior Tecnico, University of Lisbon, Portugal, for work on molecular engineering at the Solid State Group. Pursuing the path of applications, she then joined the Organic Electronics group at INESC-MN in Lisbon in as a postdoctoral researcher. She joined the Nano-Engineering, Science and Technology Group at the University of Exeter in 2014 as an Associate Research Fellow working on graphene for wearable applications and became a Lecturer in 2016. She was previously a Marie Sklodowska-Curie Individual Fellow and currently holds and EPSRC New Investigator Award.

Lecture to commence at 18.00hrs on 12th November.Coffee from 17.30hrs.

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