• Wearable computing tomorrow’s world?

    Materials World magazine
    With technology companies already developing wearable devices, the way we use computers looks set to change. Michael Bennett casts an eye to the future…
  • India up close - country focus

    Materials World magazine
    Despite rising operational costs at the Indian centres of global technology companies, the country is becoming a valuable hub for the aerospace, automotive and defence industries.
  • Fuel’s gold - biofuel from unwanted plants

    Materials World magazine
    Engineers and ecologists in the USA are looking into the viability of converting woody plants on uncultivated land into a useable biofuel.
  • A real eye opener - diamonds for bionic eyes

    Materials World magazine
    Patients with blindness due to retinitis pigmentosa and age-related macular degeneration could regain enough vision to read, thanks to a high-acuity bionic eye made of diamond.
  • Material of the month – Flax

    Materials World magazine
    Man-made materials tend to hog today’s headlines with their incredible properties and limitless uses in modern technology. But this month’s material is flax, which is also known as linseed and has been reliably used for thousands of years.
  • Rubberwood hybrid composite

    Rubberwood composite – chip off a new block

    Materials World magazine
    A hybrid particleboard composite may address the rising demand for rubberwood in the developing world – and help lower prices of indigenous raw materials.
  • Floating house, from Floating Homes GmbH. Images courtesy of Martin Förster/www.floatinghomes.de

    Floats of fancy - homes on water

    Materials World magazine
    How can you live like Ratty in The Wind and the Willows , address your vitamin D deficiency and stay dry when Antarctica melts? Buy a floating house.
  • Baselayers made from merino wool could offer professional risk-takers better protection and comfort than those made from cotton or flammable synthetics

    Hard target - Advances in Protective Clothing conference report

    Materials World magazine
    Throughout history, humanity has been using clothing to protect the body from a variety of threats. We report on the Advances in Protective Clothing conference, held at UK-based defence technology company QinetiQ in Farnborough.
  • Materials Congress logo

    Materials Congress Discount Rate

    Materials Congress- 25% off, discount rate.
  • ornamental teak carving

    Future bleak for natural teak?

    Wood Focus magazine
    When it comes to survival, a shrinking gene pool can put a whole species at risk. Such a problem could be facing the teak tree, which, despite increased planting efforts, is suffering from dwindling natural forests.