Natural Materials Association Mission

The Natural Materials Association (NMA) is the first UK body to represent the breadth of natural materials and its primary objective is to raise awareness of innovative uses of natural materials,   develop a knowledge exchange between materials scientists, product designers and those in industry and education.


(Top left: Sheep's fleece Top right: Hemp fibres Bottom left: Limestone Bottom right: Natural rubber)


To represent all natural materials


Knowledge exchange

To become the recognised focal point for knowledge exchange between researchers, product designers and educators.

To form a bridge to the product design community

To provide resources, support and education for people who wish to understand how they can use natural materials within their industries for the benefit of manufacturing and society.



To build knowledge and ensure a sustainable impetus for the use of natural materials.

To raise the profile and respond to increasing pressure from government and society to use sustainable and environmentally friendly materials in various applications.

To ensure natural materials are promoted as vigorously as manmade alternatives.



To combine the innate properties of natural materials with modern technological processing to create new and innovative products.



To promote education across society and industry to change perceptions and develop awareness of natural materials.

To reach into schools, colleges and universities at all levels and establish a new knowledge base to encourage our future designers, researchers, industry leaders and societies to understand the huge opportunities that natural materials present on a global level.



To enable greater interaction and networking between individual natural materials communities.

To support growth in networking links across the global membership of the Institute.