Natural Materials Association Lunchtime Seminars: Focus on Biopolymers

16 Sep 2020

Free online webinar via Zoom
13.00 - 14:30 BST

You are invited to join us for the second in our series of monthly virtual events when we will focus on natural materials as biopolymers. This event will introduce and explore a range of exciting biopolymers, their applications and their contribution to a more sustainable world.  

You will hear from:

·         Paul – will talk about bio-based plastics

·         Dipa – will talk about starch-based films

·         Vijay – will speak about vegetable oil-based polymers

·         Lucy – will speak about NatureFlex

What is the NMA?

The Natural Materials Association (NMA) is the first UK body to represent the breadth of natural materials and its primary objective is to raise awareness of innovative uses of natural materials, develop a knowledge exchange between materials scientists, product designers and those in industry and education

If you are interested, want to learn about natural materials and get to know some NMA members, why not register for the event?  We have leading specialists to give us quick and insightful information, these are:

·         Paul Fowler, Diligentia Consulting

·         Dipa Roy, Senior Lecturer in Composite Materials and Processing, The University of Edinburgh

·         Vijay Kumar Thakur, Professor in New Products from Biomass, Agriculture, SRUC 

·         Lucy Cowton, Sustainability Manager, Futamura UK

The interactive seminar will also provide the opportunity for Question and Answers and we often hang around at the end for a fun and engaging panel session.


13:00 – Start and greetings

13:03 – Paul Fowler will speak for 7 minutes on Bio-based plastics

13:15 – Dipa Roy will speak for 7 minutes on Starch-based films

13:30 – Vijay Kumar Thakur will speak for 7 minutes on Vegetable oil based polymers

13:45 – Lucy Cowton will speak for 7 minutes on NatureFlex

14.00 – General discussion (always fun!)
14.30 – Close

Venue and booking

Event Location: 
United Kingdom
Contact details: 

Chelsea Wallis
Event and Conference Organisier