Nano Committee board


  The Nano Committee (formerly Nanomaterials & Nanotechnology Committee) seeks to promote the understanding and active research in and application of nanomaterials and nanotechnology.

The field is highly interdisciplinary and this is reflected in the membership of the committee. We run events such as Cafe Nano to promote the understanding of nanotechnology and to bring together researchers and other stakeholders from a broad range of disciplines.

The purpose of this website is to introduce the Committee and its members and to highlight our activities. We hope that you find the site and events useful and welcome any constructive feedback.

Martin Kemp

Chairman, Nano Committee

Scope and mission

The main aims of the Nano Committee are to:

  1. Be the focus for the Institute's activities in the area of nanomaterials and nanotechnology.
  2. Define the Scope of the Institute's activities in this area, with particular emphasis on the materials science and engineering, materials integration, processing, characterization and properties of nanomaterials and nanosystems, and safety and risk assessment.
  3. Act as a single point within the Institute for the collation and dissemination of information to Institute members.

Read our full mission and scope statement