• Schematic of ultrasonic atomisation spraying system

    Better barrier properties for biodegradable films

    Packaging Professional magazine
    Ultrasonic application of clay nanoparticles to biodegradable films could enhance their barrier properties, according to US spray technology company Sono-Tek. The technique prolongs the shelf life of food and pharmaceuticals and offers the packaging industry more accurate and economical treatment.
  • Materials awards seek entrants

    Four materials-related prizes, organised by the Federation of European Materials Societies, are open for nominations.
  • Introducing the Young Persons’ World Lecture Competition

    The 2008 Young Persons’ World Lecture Competition will be held at the University of Florida, Gainsville, in the USA, on 23 September.
  • Quick and easy nanoarrays

    Materials World magazine
    A fast and simple technique for producing nanostructured gallium arsenide arrays using lithographic patterning has been developed by researchers at Oxford University, UK. This could be used for improved data storage in advanced optical, electronic or magnetic applications
  • Swinburne Lecture to explore process structuring of polymers

    The 2008 Swinburne Lecture, ‘Process Structuring of Polymers', will be held on 17 September at the National Science Learning Centre in York.
  • Gallium nitride alternative to silicon for more powerful electronics

    Materials World magazine
    Scientists at the Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute in Troy, USA, claim to have developed the first gallium nitride metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistor (GaN MOSFET). They hope to exploit the higher breakdown voltages and more efficient electric energy conversion capabilities of GaN to replace silicon MOSFETs for more powerful and efficient electronic devices that can operate in extreme conditions.
  • Nanomaterials take on extreme environments

    Materials World magazine
    The HiPerNano Sector Focus Group was launched on 19 May 2008 in London, UK, at a seminar on ‘High Performance Nano-Enhanced Materials for Extreme Environments’. The Focus Group aims to define an industry-led agenda down the supply chain to steer the KTN's activities for high performance engineering.
  • Materials mapping seeks your views

    The Royal Society of Chemistry is conducting an online materials mapping exercise.
  • Growing clean carbon nanotubes

    Materials World magazine
    Using catalysed chemical vapour deposition, scientists at the University of Warwick, UK, have grown clean carbon nanotubes directly onto a disc surface. The creation of these ultramicroelectrodes, which are 25-100µm in diameter, could be used for extremely sensitive sensors.
  • High-resolution holograms

    Materials World magazine
    A commercial recording material for high-resolution colour holograms that is made from ultra-fine grain silver halide emulsions has been developed by a group of researchers working as part of the European SilverCross project. The resolution is comparable to modern digital photographs, which achieve 10,000 lines per millimetre, and could be used in advertisements, photo displays in galleries or in packaging.