• Call for participation in 'Innovation in Aviation Security' project

    Defence, Safety and Security Committee
    The INSTINCT-Technology Demonstrator 2 (TD2) project is designed to discover, trial and showcase emergent security technologies, solutions and ideas for aviation security.
  • Materials Literature Review Prize & Masterclass 2011: Call for entries

    Maney Publishing
    The 2011 Literature Review Prize of the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining, with sponsorship from the UK Centre for Materials Education, is now open for submissions.
  • Journal of the month.....was a success!

    Maney Publishing
    Each month we feature a key journal, lifting restrictions on content to make it freely available to all, and providing additional insights into the team behind the journal, its history, and its content. In July, the Journal of the Energy Institute was Maney's journal of the month. If you've not yet taken advantage of our free content for Journal of the Energy Institute you have until 15 August to do so.
  • Speedy single molecules for switches

    Materials World magazine
    UK researchers are playing their part in the long-term quest to incorporate single molecules into electronic circuits for nanoscale high speed devices. This technology would not rely on a material’s bulk properties to perform electronic functions such as switching or logic.
  • Hydrogen fuel cell

    Polymer-based hydrogen storage

    Materials World magazine
    UK scientists exploring the safe storage of hydrogen for powering vehicles have developed an organic polymer capable of storing three per cent hydrogen by weight.
  • Over filled bin

    Preventing waste with packaging

    Packaging Professional magazine
    The amount of food that UK households and businesses waste could be significantly reduced with the help of nanotechnology in packaging, concluded speakers at the Food Packaging and Waste event, held in London, UK, on 29 June.
  • Adhesion Society announces 2011 Annual Meeting, Conference and Short Course

    The Society for Adhesion & Adhesives
    Details of the Adhesion Society Inc.'s 2011 Annual Meeting, Short Course and Conference [Call for Papers] are now available.
  • Image courtesy of Gyou-Jin Cho/Sunchon National University

    Smart tracking with nanotubes

    Packaging Professional magazine
    A printable nano-based tag that can be invisibly embedded in packaging could provide a cost-effective tracking solution, say researchers at Rice University, USA, and Sunchon National University (SNU) in Korea.
  • IOM3 Medals and Prizes 2010 winners

    The Institute has announced the 2010 winners of its Medals and Prizes.
  • Making moves in nanotechnology

    Packaging Professional magazine
    ‘A mandatory reporting requirement’ for research conducted into nanomaterials in food or food contact materials ‘could... act as a deterrent for companies and other laboratories to carry out research and development in the UK’, claims the UK Government.