Launch of the Nano-Carbon Enhanced Materials Consortium (NCEM)

Nano Committee
8 May 2012

The use of carbon nano-materials, such as carbon nanotubes and graphene is a rapidly evolving field. Commercialisation of carbon nanotechnologies has the potential to drive innovative and competitive industry change by enabling key advances in many manufacturing sectors such as energy, automotive, aerospace, construction, electronics and biotechnology.

Nano-Carbon Enhanced Materials (NCEM) consortium has been put forward by the Centre for Business Innovation Ltd ( in order to facilitate the commercial uptake of technologies based on nano-carbon materials such as graphene and carbon nanotubes and to bring together potential users from defense, energy, electronics, structural materials, and metal industries with a shared interest in understanding the challenges and opportunities of nano-carbon disruptive technologies.

1st NCEM-1 Nano-Carbon Enhanced Materials Consortium (NCEM-1) has been launched in Downing College Cambridge, UK on 19th April 2012. Meeting delegates and consortium members coming from 7 different countries and include: University of Cambridge (UK); Nokia Research Centre (UK); ST Microelectronics (Italy); International Copper Association (USA); Nexans (France); Bosch (Germany); Oxford Instruments (UK), National Grid (UK), Thales UK (UK), Trinity College Dublin (Ireland) and Codelco (Chile).

This (NCEM-1) Consortium
brings together stakeholders in materials, power generation and transmission, electronic devices and more from across Europe. The approach of the NCEM1 consortium is to share the costs of learning about the potential, state of the art and likely business models for carbon enhanced materials in a confidential and trusting environment.

The NCEM-1 consortium is
open for new members to join and it will initially run for a period of 12 months during which it will visit Scotland, Germany and Belgium.


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