Muhammad Ghaddafy Bin Affendy, Malaysia finalist

Ghaddafy was born in Sarawak, Malaysia on 22 November 1986 to a Malay father and a Chinese-Iban mother. Currently, he is pursuing his Masters degree in Advanced Materials engineering at Universiti Sains Malaysia (USM). Named after a Libyan president, he values and displays true leadership qualities in every commitment he makes for his university, society and country. One of his proudest achievements was in October 2010, when he won two special awards for his research exhibition in the annual British Invention Show in London, UK. Aside from his engineering research career, he is a Manchester United fan and loves to play basketball. Ghaddafy would love to travel the world and engage in all the colourful, fascinating cultures and places the world has to offer. For the future, he wants to be in the academic line; educating the nation's future generation while spreading goodwill and peace around the world.


Polymer zinc-air batteries: energizing a sustainable world

The increasing demand for clean, sustainable energy leads to developments of polymer zinc-air (Zn-air) batteries. Zn is implemented as it exhibits superior energy density, is relatively inexpensive, and is eco-friendly. Polymer Zn-air batteries incorporate a sago gel-based potassium hydroxide (KOH) electrolyte. Sago, produced from the sago plant, is preferred as it is biodegradable, cost effective, and is widely available. Besides that, oxygen is supplied from the atmosphere, thus greatly reducing the battery's cost and space. Electroanalytical tests were done to evaluate the battery's energy performances. Polymer Zn-air batteries are capable of answering the world's energy demands in various applications.


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