Mission statement


MTD provides a focus for the worldwide mining engineering community within IOM3. Its main objective is to raise its profile and that of IOM3 with professionals in the national and international mineral extraction industry and to act as a forum, facilitating networking and information exchange on all aspects of active mineral extraction and legacy issues.


MTD’s aims are: 

  • to support professionalism within the mining community by promoting qualifications;
  • to provide a focus within IOM3 for local societies with a mining interest;
  • to provide opportunities for professional development within the mining community;
  • to encourage younger persons to participate in MTD and its local societies;
  • to promote improved communications between MTD and industry by the production of a newsletter and a dedicated website;
  • to organise annual conferences addressing key issues in the mining industry;
  • to reinforce existing MTD links with universities, colleges and schools and to develop new ones;
  • to promote links between MTD and the wider public through involvement in the heritage mining sector;
  • to provide a one-stop-shop for professionals within the industry seeking technical information and contacts;
  • to represent the professional interests of the mining industry in discussions between IOM3 and Government or other regulatory bodies.