Young Persons' Lecture Competition

The Young Persons Lecture Competition (YPLC) is held anually and sponsored by the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining (IOMMM) full details can be found here.

This page will cover the regional aspects of the YPLC run by the Mining Institute of Scotland.

YPLC 2017

The Regional heat of the 2017 YPLC competition was held at St Andrews University on Wednesday the 5th of April.

Marli De Jongh - Shocked suevites from the Ries crater: insights into the dynamics of hypervelocity impacts. WINNER

Chris Holdsworth - Fracture filling dynamics of calcite in lava piles and the implications for geothermal energy generation. 2nd Place

Gabriella Thomas - Transforming well operations and unlocking North Sea hydrocarbon reserves in a $50/bbl environment. 3rd Place

David Currie - Determining the Paragenesis of Ore Mineralisation at Leadhills-Wanlockhead, SW Scotland.

Edris Joonaki - Asphaltenes Enable Us to Do Enhanced Oil Recovery and Collect Ocean Oil Spills.

Anthony Clarke - A Canoe through the Ordivician

All the competitors put up a great display of presentation and in depth knowledge of their chosen subject. The winner of the regional heat Marli De Jongh went to London for the UK final on the 27th of April 2017 where she finished a fantastic 3rd!

 Left to Right-----David Currie, Anthony Clarke, Eddris Joonaki, David Seath, Chris Holdsworth, Graham Smith, Ed Wade, Gabriella Thomas, Jim Wishart, Marli de Jongh

'The YPLC was a fantastic way for me practise my presentation skills and promote my undergraduate research project. The regional round in St. Andrews had some fantastic presentations which were really interesting. I felt the regional heat at St Andrews was organised very well and the tea and coffee at the end was a good way to meet the other presenters and members of the IOM3. London was fantastic and the competition was even tougher. There was a really good crowd at the national final in London and a chance to socialise afterwards with a buffet before the winners were announced. I  feel that I have learned something new from everyone's presentations in London and St. Andrews, which is something I can take away from my experience.' Marli de Jongh

YPLC 2018

Registration for YPLC 2018 will open in November details and entry forms will be posted here.
Contact one of your local council members for more information.