Mining Institute of Scotland Educational Funding

The MIS Trust - Educational Funding

The Trustees have a number of funds, which can be disbursed in certain manner and for certain purposes. The educational fund has three components:

  1. Norman Henderson Prize
    The Trustees can purchase annually a medal to be presented to the author of any paper considered by them to be of outstanding merit.
  1. Sam Mavor Travelling Scholarship
    The Trustees can award bursaries or prizes to a student or students of the MIS to enable them to visit places, works or mines or any such place of special interest to them as may be determined by the Trustees.
  2. Cunningham Scholarship
    The Trustees can provide scholarships for education in the science of mining, insight into contemporary mining methods, or visiting/studying mines anywhere in the world.

The General Fund

This fund’s purpose is to promote or otherwise benefit mining education in the United Kingdom. It can also be used to obtain and disseminate scientific knowledge and technical information conducive to the efficient and safe working of stratified deposits including arranging, hosting, sponsoring and funding conferences and seminars.

Past Funding Awards

In 2016 4 students from St Andrews were aided with funding for their 4th year mapping trip to Greenland where they looked at 

'the geological setting as well as the logistical, physical and academic challenges faced while working and living in the wilderness of South Greenland.'Craig Martin, Andrew Whyte, Max Meakins and Jordan Lynch