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Strontion Mine

Crushing / Floatation Plant at Strontion Mine

Cononish Mine

Entrance at Cononish Gold Mine


Longannet Colliery was the last Deep Mine operating in Scotland. It was situated near Kincardine on the North Bank of the Firth of Forth, some 40 miles from Glasgow and 35 miles from Edinburgh.

The colliery was a complex of mines with its name being the same as the Power Station it was designed to supply with coal and throughout its life encompassed the mines of Bogside, Castlehill, Solsgirth, Castlebridge Access and latterly Kincardine.

All coal production was delivered to the surface at Longannet Mine where it was delivered to its only customer Longannet Power Station

Coal FaceDrift MineSurface Control RoomUnderground Belt Conveyor Roadway with Roof Bolted Support

More information about the Colliery can be found in the attached document 

PDF icon Longannet Colliery History rev1.pdf