Minerals Processing & Extractive Metallurgy Division Sustainability Statement

Mineral and Metal processing from mined ores depletes a finite resource to ensure that the world’s population has an acceptable standard of life. In the extraction process the key considerations, in line with the International Council on Mining & Metals principles, are:

  • All of the valuable metals and minerals in the ore are extracted to the maximum economic extent;
  • Emissions to air, water and land are kept to a minimum;
  • All hazardous chemicals used and produced are used and stored in a responsible manner so as to minimise impact of ecosystems, people and the environment;
  • Energy and water usage from non-renewable resources are minimised;
  • Plant and facilities are designed and operated to improve the lives of and  minimise adverse impacts on local communities whilst ensuring community involvement in the design, operation, ultimate closure and rehabilitation of the site;
  • Recycling of metals to the maximum extent possible is a key component to ensuring their long term viability and sustainability and to that end we encourage products to be designed to facilitate metals reuse and recycling.

Refer to the IOM3 Sustainable Development Group http://www.iom3.org/sustainable-development-group