Mineral Processing & Extractive Metallurgy Division - mission

To promote the professional interests of Mineral Processing & Extractive Metallurgy (MP&EM) members within the Institute of Materials, Minerals and Mining and worldwide.

This will be achieved by:-

  • Promoting the interests of members of the Division and of the MP&EM industry as a whole both at home and overseas by working in a safe, sutainable and environmentally responsible way;
  • Maintaining contacts with academia and industry to ensure that the needs of both are appropriately addressed by the Institute which includes establishing graduate training and conversion courses for mineral processing and extractive metallurgists;
  • Endorsing and co-ordinating the transfer of information within the Division by means of national and international conferences, local conferences and seminars, Materials World, the IOM3 Website;
  • Providing a link between the local societies having MP&EM interests both in the UK and overseas and the Institute;
  • Forging relationships with other organisations whose interests are directly or indirectly connected with MP&EM to advocate the objectives of the Institute and the interests of the members of the Division;
  • Advancing the visibility and prestige of the minerals engineering profession by recommending to the Technical Communites Board and the Awards Committee nominations for relevant Institute Awards and other opportunities within the Institute;
  • Growing membership of the Institute from the MP&EM community worldwide;
  • Encouraging use of the minerals and mining library, the IMMAGE database and OneMine by IOM3 & the wider MP&EM community;
  • Increasing the visibility of the minerals industry in society;
  • Working with the other minerals-related divisions to heighten the visibility of the minerals industry internally within the Institute and externally.