Membership subscription changes for 2019

When considering membership subscription fees for 2019, the Institute’s Trustees reflected upon the rapid growth in member benefits during the last two years and how this change, with attendant costs, had been balanced through subscription increases across the whole of the Institute’s grade structure.

The Trustees came to the conclusion that, with the largest fraction of these costs being allocated to the professional grades, and little change for retired members, this had the effect of a disproportionate increase for members in mid-career. Recent analysis of the benefits valued by different grades also suggested that many of our retired members are keen to remain informed of technical developments and particularly value continued access to Materials World and retention of their professional qualifications.

In previous years, the change to retired member rates has been very small, with consequent widening of the gap between those mid-career and young professionals faced with substantial debts from university fees. We have therefore concluded that in 2019, our anniversary year, we should attempt to rebalance this difference and close the gap, particularly with respect to retired Fellows with access to all current benefits. We do, however, recognise the voluntary efforts that many members in this grade currently provide for professional assessment and accreditation. We have therefore determined that the additional funds collected through this subscription change will be allocated to the new IOM3 Mentoring Programme, which will be in full operation at the time of the subscription change. Our retired members often refer to ‘putting something back’ into the profession and the increase in retired Fellow fees will be used expressly for this purpose.

Bernie Rickinson

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