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IOM3 provides professional grades of membership, and through us members can also gain Chartered Registration, but we also provide a range of membership options for people who don't have a formal materials/mining qualification and are working within the materials or related sectors. School Affiliate membership is available for teachers and Industry Affiliate membership for companies. See more details and links for joining online below!

If you have any queries about joining IOM3 please use our Membership Enquiry form


  • Affiliate/professional membership

You don't have to have formal qualifications to join as an Affiliate member.

If you're looking for Professional Membership or Registration, join now as an Affiliate and submit your CV, and we'll advise you what grade you are eligible for.

Professional Qualifications

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  • Student membership

    • Student membership is open to students following an approved course of study (a full or part-time course) towards a Materials, Minerals and Mining related qualification. We offer an Undergraduate and a Postgraduate Student Membership Package with a range of benefits.



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      Industry Affiliate Scheme

  • The IOM3 Industry Affiliate Scheme (IAS) offers organisations the benefits of IOM3 membership along with access, via its information services, to its unrivalled knowledge and understanding of engineering materials and their processing. IAS membership offers access to technical advice as well as a raft of other benefits for your organisation and its staff.


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    Schools Affiliate Scheme

    The IOM3 Schools Affiliate Scheme (SAS) provides support and resources to enhance and enrich the teaching of the materials, minerals and mining related topics. Teachers can join IOM3 as a School Affiliate - this is open to anyone teaching a relevant subject in the 11 to 19 education sector and is FREE OF CHARGE!



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    Free web account

    If you're not ready to become a member of IOM3 but would like to take advantage of the services offered by our website, you can sign up for a free website account. This will allow you to receive content alerts of news and events and keep in touch with the materials, minerals and mining community. You will also be able to post details of events directly to our website. 

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