In memoriam: An appreciation of past members

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Philip Beckley worked in the electrical steels industry for almost 40 years and his contribution to the technology earned him international renown both within the industry and in academia.

Bill Roberts was a crystallographer who made notable contributions to the study of the anisotropic behaviour of metals and will be remembered by the many students of Metallurgy and Materials at the University of Birmingham


Michael West was perhaps the most highly regarded mining publisher of the 20th century and was also one of the very few mining engineers to be ordained into the Church of England

Jane Plant made a lifetime contribution to earth sciences and was appointed the first woman President of the former IMM in 2001

Neil was a mining engineer proficient in underground and open pit mines. His experience spanned operations, projects, consultancy and corporate level appointments.

Bob Fenn contributed greatly to the advance of metallurgy and welding technology. He invented automatic welding devices that guaranteed consistent and reliable weld penetration and pioneered other approaches to NDT that are now used universally.

Frank Paine was former Director of the Packaging Division at PIRA International, author of several packaging textbooks and former Editor in Chief of Packaging Technology & Science

Dr Peter Jost - "the father of Tribology" - died at the beginning of June 2016

David Barradell was instrumental in promoting developments in the steelmaking process at British Steel in the 80s and 90s, as well as an excellent mentor of younger technologists

Bob Waugh was one of the world’s top electron optical engineers, and developed the first commercial focused ion beam, which is now used in laboratories worldwide for transmission electron microscopy specimen preparation and surface chemical analysis