Earning positive feedback, by Fred Starr

Fred Starr recollects...

Steve Kirby considers oil well decommissioning costs

Steve Kirby looks at why oil well decommissioning costs have been underestimated, and how operators can prevent costly surprises.

A bridge too far for UK steel

Fred starr recollects...

The untimely closure of Kellingley Colliery

Mark Godden laments the premature death of UK coal mining, after the closure of Kellingley Colliery

Plastics manufacturing expert talks new classifications in materials design

Plastics manufacturing expert Igor ˇCati´c argues for a new classification in materials design to keep up with digital processes

Get talking – Dr Robert Quarshie

Critical raw materials are essential for many of the technologies that enable modern life. Dr Robert Quarshie argues that it is imperative to invest in the search for alternatives, to avoid potential catastrophe.

Get talking – Importing wood

Geoff Snape asks why the UK is importing so much wood, when more could be grown at home.

Get talking – Funding the compensation culture

In his return to Get Talking, Mark Godden laments the impact of solicitors on the working culture of Great Britain

We need a better t-shirt

Fred Starr recollects...