Spotlight: Extracting innovation

Ellis Davies talks to Kevin Shikoluk, Strategic Marketing Leader for GE’s Digital Mine about the range of solutions it provides.

Spotlight: small matters

Ellis Davies talks to Andrew Monk, Co-Founder of ioLight, about the world’s first folding portable digital microscope

Spotlight: Nanomechanics, Inc introduce The Service Lab

Ellis Davies talks to Kurt Johanns, Director of Lab Services at Nanomechanics, Inc, about the company’s latest addition, the Service Lab

Goodfish's plastic injection firm talks business and Brexit

Ellis Davies talks to Goodfish Group’s Business Development Manager Paul Groenestein about the Goodfish Group, and the possible effects of Brexit on UK injection moulding

Director of 3D printing company Layer talks about developments in the industry

Ellis Davies talks to Benjamin Hubert, Director and founder of Layer, about the development of the lab’s inaugural project, GO, a 3D-printed wheelchair.

Wallwork Heat Treatment CEO discusses composites

Peter Carpenter, CEO of Wallwork Group, talks on how the growth of composites impacts the UK heat treatment sector, and the latest industry news

Spotlight: a focused inspection

FEI Company’s Ernst Jan Vesseur discusses the forthcoming launch of the Apreo SEM and the company’s contribution to microscopy

3D printing – technology, news and products and manufacturing

Khai Trung Le looks at the latest news and products in the additive manufacturing industry.

Metalysis’ Dion Vaughan talks 3D printing

Metalysis’ proof-of-concept metallic powder plant will be bringing the company to the forefront of 3D printing

British Plastics Federation's Philip Law talks injection moulding

The British Plastics Federation’s Philip Law guides us through the changes in injection moulding