Spotlight: How to...automate soil testing

ELE International’s Gloabl Technical and Field Service Manager, Alfonso Rivera, explains how soil testing can be set up to run with the new AUTO Soils Consolidator (ASC).

How to… perform different indendation hardness tests on one machine

A Buehler EMEA Technical and Laboratory Manager explains how to use a universal tester for indentation hardness testing of materials.

How to… use digital microscopy for material inspections

An Olympus Europa Product Marketing Manager for Industrial Microscopes talks about the merits of digital microscopes in industry.

How to… maintain superhard strength

Learn how cobalt binders can improve material strength.

How to ... improve electron microscopy resolution

Discover how magnetic field cancelling can improve electron microscopy resolution.

How to ... speed up the development of high-performance materials

Explains how artificial intelligence can help bring new, high-performance materials to market for additive manufacturing applications, and other areas of design engineering.

How to… use plant-based ingredients to make polymers

Gaia Biomaterials UK Packaging Technologist, Donald Beaton, discusses how to get the best results from plant-based ingredients during polymer production.
Particle analysis imagery from MountainsSPIP. (Digital Surf)

Spotlight: How to... get more out of scanning probe microscopy data

Isabelle Cauwet, Applications Engineer at Digital Surf, looks at the benefits of using software to enhance microscopy data.

Spotlight: How to... use intelligent metal tubes in industrial processes

Erika Hedblom, Manager of Intelligent Tube Systems for Sandvik, Sweden, discusses how internal sensors and cloud computing can provide deeper process insights.

Spotlight: How to... employ quenching and partitioning

Professor David V Edmonds, University of Leeds, UK, explores a novel heat treatment concept for quenching and partitioning.