Journey begins for light rail trackform

Materials World magazine
7 May 2020

The Coventry Very Light Rail project in the UK embarks on a new journey, investigating how to create a low-cost trackform for the light rail carriages already in development, thanks to £1.5m funding from West Midlands Combined Authority.

So far, as part of the project, engineers from University of Warwick have been working with Transport Design International to create a battery-powered, lightweight, multi-material rail vehicle for Coventry City Council. The long-term objective is that it will become an autonomous vehicle that can hold 50 passengers and work like the London Underground system, where people can hop on and off.

Engineers at Warwick will now work with Coventry City Council and French civil engineering company – Ingerop Conseil et Ingénierie – to develop the associated trackform.

The ultimate goal is to design an affordable trackform that can be easily removed and will reduce impact on utilities, saving money on digging up roads and moving gas, electric, telecommunication and sewage systems, which is currently the process for building traditional tram systems.