Printing lamps with plant-based materials

Materials World magazine
31 Mar 2020

Design studio, Ammunition, and digital manufacturer, Gantri, both based in the USA, have collaborated to create three new lamp collections using 3D printing. Made from a custom blend of corn-based polylactic acid (PLA), they claim the material is 70% more resistant to heat compared with other PLAs.

Working with materials scientists at Netherlands-based ColorFabb, the team engineered the bespoke plant material to create these lighting products. 

The lamps have a soft-touch matte finish with a protective UV coating. They are available in five different colours applied with a water-based paint – carbon, snow, Sedona red, forest green and stone – all inspired by nature.

‘We are always exploring new processes and materials that will drive the future of product design, so it was exciting for us to work with Gantri to create products that challenge preconceptions of 3D printed objects,’ said Ammunition Founder and Partner, Robert Brunner. ’The Gantri platform allowed us to quickly iterate and refine the details of each light in a process much closer to craftsmanship, something we wouldn’t have been able to accomplish with traditional manufacturing.’