INEOS promises ten-day sanitiser plant

Materials World magazine
24 Mar 2020
Hand sanitiser from INEOS

INEOS Group is acting quickly to support the NHS by building a new hand sanitiser plant in the UK. It is clear that one of the major contagion pathways for the Corona virus is hand to mouth. Hand sanitisers prevent this and INEOS will provide free product for hospitals for the duration of the crisis.

The organisation is Europe’s largest producer of the two key raw materials - isopropyl alcohol (IPA) and ethanol - needed for hospital grade hand sanitiser at its sites in Grangemouth, Scotland and in northern Germany and there is a critical shortage of hand sanitisers across Europe.

The plan is to build a UK factory to produce 1mln bottles per month within 10 days – this will then be replicated this in Germany.

While the intention is to concentrate production on meeting the needs of front line medical and care services, small ‘pocket bottle’ hand sanitisers for personal use will also be made. The company will supply hospitals, schools, places of work, pharmacies and supermarkets.

INEOS output is also valuable in production of essential healthcare products from rubber gloves, to PVC saline drips, syringes, ventilators, medical tubing.