Delivering virtual training in unprecedented times

Materials World magazine
29 Jun 2020

The Institute’s Training Academy runs courses to support the professional development of members and non-members working in materials, minerals and mining engineering and their related industries.

This month we are focusing on our new online training opportunities. The Coronavirus pandemic has had a huge impact on all of us, including how and where we work, if indeed we are still able to. The IOM3 Training Academy has had to adapt at pace to support the training needs of our members throughout the crisis through a series of new virtual courses and workshops, which have been delivered live over recent months. These are designed to address the challenges people are facing in adapting to new ways of working and to boost technical knowledge and expertise. If you missed a session, our webinars are now available to view on demand and a number are free to view. You can find the full listing on our website. Here, some of our attendees explain why they joined a session and how they have found it useful.

Anuj Khanna, Director – Technical & Sales at A. R. Group of Industries in India, attended the Practical Roll Pass Design series. 
Despite being a roll pass designer for bar mills, he felt his attendance was a must to expand his knowledge to cover other forms of section. He is already applying aspects of the course to a new project. He thought that the presenter, Simon Wright of SJW Mill Consulting Ltd, shared his passion and extensive experience of roll pass design in a way that was clearly presented and easy to understand. Anuj comments, ‘This series is highly recommended for anyone connected to the rolling of long products and special sections as it provides all of the fundamental knowledge required.’


Lucia Kollarova is a Laboratory Manager for Rieke Packaging and was attracted to the Presenting Skills for Online Communications webinar. 

The webinar was delivered by Sandry Morrell of SJM Strategies Ltd. Lucia comments, ‘With most of our personnel working from home, we all had to move into a virtual world. I wanted to extend my skills in this area to allow my graphs, tables and findings to speak their story in a more proficient way when presented to an audience. I felt the course was very professional, with the content relevant to the topic and up to date. The presenter was extremely knowledgeable in her field, able to answer all questions, very helpful and not distanced from the real world. It was not just the theory – it was examples from real life and practice.’  



David Rose of David Rose Packaging Solutions was attracted to the session on Positioning Expertise using LinkedIn.  
This webinar was delivered by Rene Power of Vision B2B Marketing Training Ltd. David felt he needed to further enhance his LinkedIn     profile to attract new clients, particularly as everyone adjusts to changes in working practices and the potential need for rapid changes in the packaging industry. He felt the session covered new techniques, which he is already implementing to boost his profile and notes that the webinar would be useful for others in a similar position.



Michael Battersby, Managing Director of Maelgwyn Mineral Services Limited and Chairman of the Coalition for Energy Efficient Comminution, attended the Marketing Essentials Series. 
This included the VIP package with a bespoke group discussion with presenter Rene Power after each webinar. He says, ‘As well as my engineering degree, I did study industrial sales and marketing as part of a second degree in innovation and enterprise. However, that was quite some time ago. I saw this webinar series advertised through IOM3 and thought it would be great to get a refresher and perhaps update things in this Internet and social media world. It was extremely useful. I had some knowledge about most of the theoretical aspects that Rene presented, but I was way behind in areas of new media, social media, LinkedIn and the likes. It gave me renewed energy to try and implement such ideas in my business activities.  
‘I guess the members of IOM3 are predominantly engineers like me and we perhaps don’t overly concern ourselves with marketing. However, it is very important, whether you are marketing yourself as an individual, the company you work for, or the products/services that your company provides.’

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