Preparing for the steel industry awards

Materials World magazine
8 Oct 2019

The Steelie Awards shortlist has been published, ahead of the ceremony to be held on 14 October 2019, in Mexico. 

Organised by the World Steel Association, the event celebrates steel and recognises the achievements of people and companies in the steel industry over the previous 12 months. 

Awards are divided into seven categories: 

  • Excellence in digital communications
  • Innovation of the year
  • Excellence in sustainability
  • Excellence in lifecycle assessment 
  • Excellence in education and training 
  • Excellence in communications programmes, and  
  • Journalist of the year. 

Under the innovations group is a focus on technical or environmental improvement. Those shortlisted are Ansteel Group Corporation for its new double-layer pre-sintering process that allows for reduced emissions during use. In China, after the Ministry of Ecology and Environment stated that sintering gas nitrogen oxide levels should not exceed 50mg/m3, a new method was needed to support change. Ansteel developed a double-layer sinter bed that first distributes on to the lower level followed by the upper, to reduce nitrogen concentrations and increase output. 

China Steel Corporation created a residual stress technology which improves steel quality by greater monitoring and control of stress levels, as well as measurement data and simulation. Through better understanding of plastic deformation the material can be adjusted sooner to minimise camber deflection and corrected C-bow deformation to produce flatter, higher quality produce. 

HBIS Group has made a continuous casting thick plate slab heavy reduction technology. The company said that, based on current continuous casting slab production, this new approach was adopted to break the reduction ratio limit of conventional steel rolling. HBIS made the equipment and was able to demonstrate that it relieves central segregation, shrinkage porosity, supresses spring back and increasing slab core strain. 

POSCO has been shortlisted for two innovations – the development of a manufacturing process to make inkjet printed steel, and separately, producing an autonomous blast furnace, which is the first in the world to be run by AI. 

The first involves an inkjet printed steel for surface protection to replace roll or silkscreen printing. The process requires UV curing at room temperature and enables a choice of colours, textures and finishes to the steel, making it suitable for coating commercial products as well as in construction. The company said the method helps gain a higher level of quality finish by combining the steps. The second technology is an autonomous blast furnace controlled by AI. Real-time data allows the system to monitor and amend the sintering and coking stages via fuel ration and pallet speed, while combustion heat control is under development. POSCO has installed the AI at one of its blast furnaces and will roll it out to another soon. 

All winners will be announced at the World Steel annual dinner, later this month. 

More information about the steel innovations and nominees in other categories can be found here:

Image of Steelie Awards copyright of World Steel Association.