Second lease of life

Materials World magazine
1 Mar 2018

A UK company reuses ring pulls to design sustainable luxury handbags. 

At first glance, there is nothing unusual about the pictured bag. But look closer, and you’ll discover that the exterior has been made from can rings. ‘The bag has been designed using enamel painted, hand finished crochet work using upcycled ring pull detailing throughout,’ the product description for the tote from designer Bottletop, UK, reads. 

The company has emerged as a luxury fashion retailer, founded by the Bottletop Foundation, an NGO that promotes health education and vocational training for young people in Africa and Brazil. This is also where locals, who used their prior training received by the foundation, manufactured the £395 handbag.

‘Our atelier in Salvador, Brazil, has been creating our products for over 10 years providing local people with livelihoods and enabling them to become highly skilled artisans,’ the company states.

‘Bottletop grew from a product collaboration with designer Mulberry supporting artisans in the developing world and charitable foundation funding education projects,’ Bottletop states, adding that, ‘In November 2017, we launched our flagship store in London – the world’s first 3D-printed store created by robots using upcycled plastic.’