Trump’s tariffs may hurt US businesses

Materials World magazine
13 Jul 2018

US brewers warn tariffs on aluminium and steel could be costly to business.  

News of the Trump administration’s tariffs on imported steel and aluminium has not been well received by small, independent breweries in the USA.

A 10% tariff on aluminium from the EU, Canada, and Mexico could mean increased costs for breweries using aluminium cans to store beer. While a cost increase is yet to be felt, CEO of the Brewers Association, USA, Bob Pease, told CNN the impact would not be good for small breweries.

A 25% tariff on steel form the EU may also affect the breweries, which use the metal in equipment and storage.

Co-founder of RoHa Brewing Project, Utah, and member of the Utah Brewers' Guild, Rob Phillips told Park Record, Utah, that the tariffs place additional pressure on an already competitive market.

While a switch to glass bottles is an option, aluminium cans are seen as better for the environment, being easier to recycle, as well as lighter, less breakable, and more convenient for stacking in storage.