The Magnetide Project in focus

Materials World magazine
7 May 2014
Image courtesy of UC3M

An EU project is developing magnetic materials for tidal energy generators

What will it do?
The project focuses on the development of magnetic materials for tidal energy generators using powder injection moulding (PIM).
Who is involved?
Magnetide is an EU 7th Framework Programme involving three SMEs involved in technology design and development and four R&D institutions, including the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid (UC3M), Spain.
How will the generator design change?
The team will modify the generator design so that the magnetic components can be manufactured using PIM.
Why PIM?
PIM allows scientists to produce precise parts using different metal powder combinations. Lead researcher Professor José Manuel Torralba, of UC3M, says that PIM allows them to obtain complex shapes without much processing or losing performance.
What materials will be used in the generator components?
PIM will be used to create the soft magnetic materials. According to the researchers, alloys such as iron-silicon, iron-nickel and iron-cobalt have been injected into polymer plastic moulds to create parts that are too complex to create using existing mechanical methods.
When does the project end?
The researchers are currently at the end of the materials development stage and are now designing a generator. The project will end in 2015.
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