Powerful spectroscopic microscope examines atomic scale

Materials World magazine
1 Nov 2006

Imperial College London, UK, has recently unveiled its newest purchase – the FEI Titan 80-300, one of the most powerful microscopes in the world. Intended for use in the London Centre for Nanotechnology, a joint collaboration between Imperial College London and University College London, this is the first Titan to be bought in the UK.

The £2.4 million EPSRC-funded FEI monochromated microscope allows scientists to look at materials on the atomic scale and enables spectroscopy to be carried out with excellent energy resolution.

‘It’s not just enough to see the images, but what’s the identity of the element? What’s its environment?’ explains Dr David McComb of the Department of Materials at Imperial College London. ‘You need to understand the structure to fully use nanomaterials.’

Titan operates in both TEM and (S)TEM, allowing for a two-step approach to corrected microscopy in the laboratory. It can yield atomic-scale imaging below 0.7 Angstrom.

McComb says the instrument will be used to support research into osteoporosis as well as the development of nanostructured semiconductor materials for optical communication systems. ‘This instrument has the potential to affect many different research projects,’ he says.


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