Interactive materials

Materials World magazine
1 Feb 2006

How can we make people more aware of the wide range of careers possible from studying materials science and engineering?

This was the question that initiated a project called ‘Materials Interactive'. Led by Dr Cheryl Anderson, then working for MATTER at the University of Liverpool, UK, the team wanted to produce a CD-ROM resource tool that appealed to both male and female students. It therefore covers a range of subject areas, from cameras and drinks bottles to football boots.

Aimed at 14-19 year-old students, the final package can be used by teachers and professionals wishing to promote materials science, or by students to learn about the diverse fields affected by materials science.

There are three main sections
■ A presentation covering the different career profiles, opportunities and paths in materials, together with some graduate profiles
■ A ‘looping movie' designed to be left running on a laptop during careers or other events
■ A series of interactive sessions designed to engage users in the materials content of everyday (and not so everyday!) environments. These can be used to aid careers, GCSE, or A-level selection.

Copies of the CD-ROM are free to anyone in education and available from the UK Centre for Materials Education.


Further information:

UK Centre for Materials Education. Tel: +44 (0)151 794 5364. Email: