Composite project requires industrial partner

Materials World magazine
1 Feb 2006

The Centre for Sustainable Engineering, based in Peterborough, UK, and a university collaborator are seeking end-user partners from industry for a project to develop a versatile, high performance novel composite material, suitable for a range of applications including packaging and vehicle panels.

The project has completed half of the proof-of-concept work. The remaining half needs to be carried out, then pilot scale production to prove manufacturability. The resulting material would be more versatile than existing materials in providing stiffness, strength and toughness per unit weight, and it will have the strong environmental credentials.

The research consortium has identified a public funding programme suitable for the project, but it needs the involvement of end-user industrial partners in terms of time, facilities and/or financial support.


Further information:

Phil Sheppard, Centre for Sustainable Engineering. Tel: +44 (0)1733 865 002. Email: