Material Matters

The blame game - BP and the Gulf of Mexico disaster

In my inaugural column (Materials World, June 2010), I wrote how inaccurately much of the media reported the events on the Deepwater

Life’s a beach

Apparently more and more of us are taking a summer break at home this year. If so, a traditional holiday by the sea will no doubt appeal to many.

Rocket-powered records

Necessity is the mother of invention, as Plato is widely quoted as saying, although, in my opinion, breakthroughs in design more often come about by existing materials being used in untried ways.


Material Matters was the regular Materials World column on topical issues, established by and written for many years by Jack Harris until he passed away in February 2009. From June 2010 it was written by Craig Durham CEng MIMMM, a Senior Production Engineer working in the upstream oil and gas industry and Past President of the Mining Institute of Scotland.