Material Marvels

Material Marvels: Capping it off - the evolution of the bottle top

The screw cap bottle top has been a packaging staple for decades, but the need for functionality and sustainability has prompted a flurry of innovative designs and material choices. Ceri Jones looks the development of modern closures.

Material Marvels: The Vespa

Piaggio’s most iconic product was revealed in the Rome Golf Club in 1946 – a scooter named Vespa. Idha Valeur looks at the history behind the creation, its evolution and the materials used.

Material Marvels – The lifecycle of the Christmas tree

The Christmas tree has become a symbol of holiday festivities, but concerns over the impact they have on the environment are growing. Shardell Joseph looks into the history of the tree, and compares the lifecycles of modern materials.

Material Marvels: History of the food can

Invention of the food can changed the way we lived and ate forever, and preservation helped provide greater food security and underpinned industrial, exploration and military advances. Ceri Jones plots the evolution and future of the can.

Material Marvels: Textiles in couture culture

Look at a collection of materials at the core of couture, through the creativity of fashion designer Jean Paul Gaultier.