Materials World September 2019

Embracing change, collaboration and knowledge sharing are at the core of innovation and adaptability. 5G is one technology that offers so many opportunities to mining and manufacturing businesses. With a maximum latency of as low as four milliseconds and up to one million devices connected per square kilometre, real-time data transfer is possible en mass.

The projects explored in our feature on 5G technology systems (page 28) address the theme of collaboration. Here we gather insight from companies across the mining, telecommunications and manufacturing sectors, which have combined their expertise to help drive common purposes. For miners, this may involve operating machinery remotely so workers are not exposed to on-site dangers such as blasting, while in manufacturing it could be the rapid resolution of a fault on a product line, without requiring workers to deal with hazards such as cabling.

5G is also an enabler of Industry 4.0 – the Internet of Things, location detection technologies and advanced human-machine interfaces, among others, will provide enormous benefits for companies ready to capitalise on the opportunities at hand.

Extending the theme to efficiency, we look at a sophisticated cyanide testing device that can inform users in real-time (page 48), and the simplicity of using water to make 2D materials (page 42). None of these concepts have been born through isolation – they have all been developed through collaboration and effective knowledge sharing.

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Anthony Caggiano, Commissioning Editor

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