Materials World September 2017

Two major events in the materials calendar are taking place in the UK this month. From 5–7 September, the International Centre in Telford will host the British Institute of Non-Destructive Testing’s biennial Materials Testing conference, where delegates will meet to present the latest in testing for quality, non-destructive testing (NDT), condition monitoring and diagnostic technology. The application of metallurgy in industry relies on these disciplines, and in this month’s issue we have news stories on research into spot welding and the fundamentals of corrosion, and feature articles on marine non-destructive testing, high-temperature alloys and railway steels, reflecting the breadth of NDT and its related fields.    

Another big-ticket event is Packaging Innovations 2017 on 13–14 September. Barry Turner, Plastic and Flexible Packaging Group Director for the British Plastics Federation, has written an opinion piece in response to calls for plastic-free aisles in supermarkets, while we’ve also got a roundup of news in the packaging industry and a news story looking at how a chemist at Queen’s University Belfast is turning dirty aluminium foil – a difficult material to recycle – into a novel catalyst.

Finally, a note from Simon Frost – this is my final issue as Editor of Materials World, and I would like to thank the Institute’s members and my colleagues at IOM3, past and present, for a fantastic three years here. It has been a pleasure and an honour to work on a title that serves such an interesting range of disciplines – I’ll miss writing about rare earth mining in Malawi one day, perovskite solar cells the next! That leaves me only to introduce you to our new Editor, Ines Nastali, and Features Editor, Gary Peters – welcome to the team! 



News this issue:

Hydrogel laminate may improve catheters and condoms

Flat nanoscale films of copper prove impossible

Picking up the pace

A new concept for artificial hearts

HMS Queen Elizabeth docks in home port

Neutron beam cast on welds

Getting to the centre of corrosion

60 seconds on origami organs

Moving on with HS2

Foiled again

Country report: India

Patent of the month: Thermally insulating polymer-aerogel foam

Get talking: Why plastic-free aisles will not help the environment

Features this issue:

Q&A – Robin Young

Held up without a gun

Nunavut – a new mining frontier

The next nuclear model

Best of brick

The right technology in the right place

No longer unachievable

Inspection on the surface level

Spotlight – Testing and inspection

Material Marvels: Cattedrale di Santa Maria del Fiore

Q&A – Serena Best

Funding R&D