Materials World October 2018

Hello and welcome to the October issue of Materials World magazine, my first as editor. We’ve said fond farewells to Ines Nastali and Kathryn Allen and are excited to introduce Idha Valeur as our new staff writer. It’s all change here, but we’re pleased to bring you a packed edition of our regular items and, this month, features focused on developments in lightweighting. While some plastics have excelled in this field, we consider how other materials can improve their strength-to-weight ratios such as combining natural and synthetic fibres in composites on page 28, as well as broadening the applications of industrial light metals and exploring how fiberglass-reinforced polymers are supporting bridge construction. Plus, we look at X-ray techniques, neutron imaging, the prospects of coking coal, and we got to speak to Mark Miodownik about his fascinating career and where he thinks the future of materials science is heading. 

But looking forward, we’re keen to connect with you across the many areas of the Institute. So, if you would like to see more representation for your sector - and are interested in writing for us - please do get in touch.
We’d love to hear from you.

Ceri Jones, Editor

News this issue:

Science innovation at the Mary Rose

2D retinas could cure blindness

Latest findings on plasticity

Country report: Brazil

Reshaping ceramics with 4D printing

Patent of the month – Composites for lightweighting

Material Marvels – To Boldly Go…

Next generation water filters

Carbon capture with fast forming magnesite

3D printing supplies from plastic waste

Keeping solar out of landfill

Don’t wear it out

The human cost of the Genoa bridge collapse

Features this issue:

Looking ahead with light metals

Mark Miodownik on the future of materials science

Probing aerospace with X-rays and neutrons

Q&A with DR Kerim Sener of Ariana Resources

A bridge of polymer

Going beyond X-rays

Coking coal still needed

Spotlight: How to... use the USF-2000A ultrasonic fatigue testing system

Spotlight: How to... use CT scanning in well bore analysis