Materials World October 2011

This issue's news looks at converting residual waste plastics, the best ways to divert mattresses from landfill and predicting colloidal particle separation. A novel polymer semiconductor that could improve chemical vapour detection and a method of forming nanoribbons for electronic devices are investigated, and we report on the Cement and Concrete Science 2011 conference.

Features trace the storied past of the copper industry in South Wales, look at how shape memory alloy reinforced composites are being used in aircraft to reduce foreign object damage, and examine stircasting metal composites to enhance wear resistance.

We also find about gold deposit discoveries in Nevada, USA, improving casting techniques with sound treatment and the causes of failure in polyethylene pipes for gas and water distribution systems.

Our regular columnist looks at the engineering legacy and the future of the NASA space programme, while books reviewed this issue cover topics ranging from the fundamentals of materials science to the petroleum geology of Ireland.


News this issue:

Putting issues to bed - recycling mattresses

Fine-tuning graphene nanoribbons

Between concrete and a hard place - Cement and Concrete Science 2011 report

Predicting colloidal particle separation

Polymers shine a light on landmine detection

Driving ahead with plastic diesel

Features this issue:

The final frontier - what next for space?