Materials World October 2007

Welcome to the October issue of Materials World, which this month focuses on polymers and composites. Stephen Kyle-Henney, Managing Director of TISICS Ltd, discusses the European aerospace opportunities for titanium composites, while professor Frank Jones of the University of Sheffield, UK, reports on the self-healing of matrix resins that can enhance the structural health of composite materials. Other related articles focus on the Nadcap composite accreditation programme and the use of natural polymers combined with inorganic carbonates to create tough and resilient composites. In other feature stories, Michael Forrest, President-elect of the London and Southern Counties Minerals Industries Institute (MinSouth), looks ahead to 2008 when the society will celebrate its 50th anniversary, while Richard Crockett of the Mining Institute of Scotland Ltd provides an overview of the institute’s history and future aims.

In our news section, the Materials World team takes a look at the pros and cons of biofuels and a novel peptide-based hydrogel that may one day be injected to repair human tissue.


News this issue:

Nanoparticle production

China remains number one for manufacturers

Electronic paper displays from photonic crystals

Refrigeration using magnetic cooling technology

Hydrogels for tissue regeneration

New integrated science degree

Polymer fuel tanks to meet emission standards

Sustainable development central to engineering education

Anti-corrosion technology for automotives with no heavy metals

Features this issue:

Can we fix it? - self-healing matrix resins enhance structural health of composite materials

Firing on all cylinders - carbon nanotube-based composites

Back to nature – Biomimetics inspire ecological materials

One small step for titanium - applications for silicon carbide fibre reinforced titanium composites

Scotland's new start - Future aims of the Mining Institute of Scotland

Flying high - Nadcap composites accreditation programme

Holding its own - Invention and commercialisation of self-reinforced polymer composites

Half a century for MinSouth – Minsouth’s fifty years anniversary programme

Bringing power to the people – The disorder surrounding Britain’s electrical power industry