Materials World November 2019

This month we look at upscaling and improving upon essential materials, including magnetics, for instance, getting to grips with using a gelcasting process to produce ferric magnetic cores.

Some believe the production of wide bandgap width semiconductors could be significantly improved by a transition from manufacturing individual elements that need to be assembled, to manufacturing fully integrated units including sensitive components such as power devices and sensors. Magnetic materials have acted as the current limiting factor in this switch, but research into soft ferrites has suggested a way to overcome this. Read more on page 28.

On the same theme, we learn about new magnetic materials being developed using polarised X-ray imaging technology, and speak to an instrument scientist about how research into the behaviour of iron under high pressure is helping inform undersandings about the properties of planets.

We also look into a new grade of duplex stainless steel that’s improving performance of plate heat exchangers, the intricacies of growing industrial diamonds for very heavy-duty cutting tools, the benefits of deploying mobile solar plants at remote mining sites for energy security, and how composites and welding techniques can help reduce electric vehicle weights.


Ceri Jones, Editor

News this issue:

A microscopic view of life

Patent of the month – Biodegradable vascular filter

Digging deep: Black miners museum project

A nanomaterial that is both twisted and not at the same time

Switching superconductivity on and off in materials

Greening the UK steel industry

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Scania's new self-driving cabless truck

A new artificial skin that can aid in rehabilitation and in VR

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Using light tech to reveal Herculaneum scrolls

Harder composite material for nuclear conditions

Digital tracking technology to combat conflict materials in mining

Sirius mining project plans to build underground transport tunnel

Re-evaluation of the World Trade Centre 7 collapse

Looking at emerging bioplastics for packaging

Graphene turns 15

Cerium, hydrogen synthesised

Tata Steel aims for low-carbon

Award-winning decorative steel

Features this issue:

Material Marvels: History of the food can

Q&A with Jeremy Watson from PETRAS

Staying united for collaboration and innovation’s sake

Mining Report: Safety is paramount in Western Australian mining

Spotlight: How to...automate soil testing

Nio uses carbon-fibre, aluminium in EV bodies

247 Solar plant uses gas, air, turbines

Magnetic imaging

Magnetic properties of planets

Element Six’s synthetic diamonds

Stainless steel for heat exchangers

Ferrite gelcasting for wide bandgap semiconductors