Materials World November 2018

Testing and inspection are vital aspects of materials development, from manufacture to after the end of their lifespan. And while inspection helps with maintenance and safety, testing also supports the creation of new materials and the refining of existing ones, with tools that ensure hardness, durability, wear-resistance and conductivity, among many other essential characteristics. But testing doesn’t only tell us about existing materials, it also helps us alter them, strengthening the desirable properties and supressing others.

In this issue, we look at the various testing and inspection tools and techniques that support today’s materials industry.

Tinius Olsen takes us through its proven methods of hardness testing (page 34), we hear about modifying polymers for high-performance coatings and paints in a joint project by Manchester University and AkzoNobel (page 48), and learn how the Camborne School of Mines uses non-destructive testing to perform geological site surveys without digging into the earth, saving millions on data gathering (page 50). Plus, we hear about the use of ion beams in materials testing, and the health and safety considerations that inspections require.

All this plus retrofitting factories for the Industrial Internet of Things, the impact of Brexit on nuclear research and development, mining for jadarite in Serbia, the need for metallurgy training schemes, and this month’s Professional Development, which is focused on funding. Do get in touch to let us know your thoughts and what you would like to see featured in the magazine.

Ceri Jones, Editor

News this issue:

The technology of post-disaster recovery

Radium in fracking wastewater explained

Liquid crystal polymers as a 3D printing feedstock

Designing new materials with neural networks

Stronger adhesion to rough surfaces

Great lengths to form bridges

Surfaces fighting frost

Using oilfields for carbon capture

3D-printing motion sculptures

Shaping the future workforce

Patent of the month - Tensile testing

IOM3 mentoring membership

More wear resistance with graphene gilding

3D printing a bionic eye

New discoveries may better Li-ion battery design

Features this issue:

Q&A with research fellow Dr Rebecca Boston

Funding and the Future

Metallurgy in the UK

Spotlight: How to... use metal injection moulding

Spotlight: How to... reduce plastic packaging wall thickness using injection compression moulding

Material Marvels: Windsor Castle