Materials World November 2017

This month focused on security, with features on the role of materials in security science, airport security and the importance of a secure supply chain in the mining and mineral processing industry.

Ines Nastali also attended the Westminster Food and Nutrition Forum in October, which discussed how to reduce food and packaging waste and if a deposit system for drinks bottles would increase the recycling rate in the UK. Ines' report on the event features in this issue. 

News this issue:

Protecting pilots

Softer, stronger robots

No more scratches

The future of Australian coal

Could carbon nanomaterials replace scarce metals?

Oil & gas inspections with Hadron Collider robots

The plane in the living room

Packaging unwrapped

Pot improvement

Digging deep

Shaping young minds

Where’s the next generation of packaging technologists?

Molecule order in polymer chains controlled

One injection, many doses

Features this issue:

Material Marvels: The Crystal Palace

Exploring injection moulding

Technical vs. personal skills

Testing leadership skills

Q&A – Kirsten Bodley