Materials World March 2008

This month we look at the automotive industry. Related articles focus on sustainable production, paint shop costs and coatings. In other feature stories, we investigate mining risk management and the search for oil off the Irish coast.

In our news section, the Materials World team reports on new ways of disposing of irradiated materials and a silicon chip that is 10 times more energy efficient than standard versions.


News this issue:

Healing cracks in materials through an electric field

RFID patenting pool

Making wood fibres water-resistant and conductive

Handling radioactive waste from nuclear power plants

Exploring non-destructive techniques to conserve plastic artefacts

Cutting costs in optical fibres

Energy efficient silicon chip

Electrospinning biomaterials for tendon repair

Building products suppliers aim to reduce construction waste

Cheaper materials for solar cells

Features this issue:

Nuclear Iran – The controversial issue of Iran gaining nuclear power