Materials World June 2019

It’s the aerospace issue, packed with articles on the exciting materials, processes and projects aiming to advance this industry.

First off, on page 26 we look at specific materials used in aerospace and defence applications – how these have changed over the years and the new challenges being faced as we seek out the most cutting-edge and high-performance technologies.

We also have a strong focus on the uptake of additive manufacturing, which is enabling companies to bring innovations to market quicker than ever. For this, we look at how NASA is developing international standards for 3D printing to progress its goal of manufacturing in space (page 30), hear how a UK company is using AM to produce economical and low-waste intermetallic components (page 36), and speak to the team printing whole chambers of copper alloy for energy-efficient liquid rocket launchers (page 44).

Beyond that, we take a look at what state-of-the-art drones offer researchers, the use of metamaterial coatings to protect aerospace equipment, and find out how liquid pressure forming is helping make lightweight aluminium composites.

Plus, if you are wondering why this issue looks different to normal, turn to page 24 to read about the changes we have made to the print magazine, and let us know your thoughts. Chocks away.

Ceri Jones, Editor

News this issue:

French nuclear whistleblowers report suspected fraud

Fly Your Ideas Competition: an aeroplane seat-come-wheelchair

Creating affordable alloys to save energy and costs

Innovation in aviation to green the industry

A polymeric coating can de-ice large surfaces

Backing copper in the DRC

Infinite slip surface coatings

Fears for British steel

Fred Starr recollects

Patent of the month – Additive manufacturing of metallics

New look Materials World

Bomb-resistant quick-fix wrap can prolong life of concrete

Swiss supplier secures recycled PET plastic for wind turbine blades

Environmentally friendly transparent wood that can help heat a home

An insight into West Cumbria Mine’s Woodhouse Colliery project

The steel suspended space lab in Japan

World's largest all composite aircraft makes its first flight

Features this issue:

Defence materials evolve in 21st Century

NASA explores manufacturing parts in space

Drone design for scientific research

Intermetallics inspire Metron Additive Engineering’s business direction

H2020 project Meta-Reflector highlights metamaterials value

Automated dry-fibre placement drives aerospace efficiency

Launcher rocket made with 3D printing

Aluminium matrix composites

Peru’s mining industry grows

How to ... use generative design to improve the outcomes of manufacturing

How to ... speed up the development of high-performance materials

Material Marvels: Looking at the evolution of the wing in aircraft innovation and technology